Sri Lanka

Entry visa to Sri Lanka

go to the Tourist Visit Visa Website and apply online
If you can’t do it online, you can also apply at the airport at Colombo. But at takes more time.

 Exchange rates

Exchange rates change every week, there are authorized money changers provide money changing services. There are many money changers at the Chatham street Colombo.


There are two rainy seasons. The south west monsoon bring rain to the southern and western part of the country from May to August. The north and eastern monsoon bring rain to the zone during October to January.

 Flight information.

Colombo airport:tp no 011 2252861 -5

All airline tp no 019 733 2377

Srilankan airlines:to no 019 733 2677

 Health and safety

Most of the tourist hotels has emergency treatment. There are government hospitals through out the country all most the cities. Some of them are base hospitals. Some of them are district hospitals.

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